Phys. Ed. update

During gym today the class got to watch the Grade 6 girls volleyball team compete in a volleyball trournament.  We cheered them on to victory. 

Yesterday the grade 5’s who are not in the ski club got to participate in a Cricket workshop.  It went really well, including trying to understand the Australian instructor’s accent 🙂  He also teaches Australian rules football, I checked it out on You Tube, I think that will have to wait until highschool :).  And, the company that came to do the workshop was recently on CBC’s the Dragon’s Den, where they got funding to expand!


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One Response to Phys. Ed. update

  1. Mrs. L says:

    My little one came home so excited to tell her Dad and I all about Cricket! She showed us all the moves and even tried out the Australian accent 🙂 She thoroughly enjoyed herself!

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