One-point perspective

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We are now going to explore one- (and possibly two-) point perspective.  We began by exploring letters and words.  Now we went to the hallway to got a better sense of how things that are further away look smaller…

We took students about the same size…


…and placed them at different spots in the hall.

We talked about size, and lines, and the disappearing spot at the end of the hall. 

Then we had a little fun 🙂

Here the lines are highlighted in order to find the disappearing spot.

And here is how it applies to our drawings…

Some students who have done one-point perspective before have been given the option of working on two-point perspective…

perspective two-point instructions


2 Responses to One-point perspective

  1. masrur says:

    thanks a lot ………..

  2. I love the way you show the children using perspective! Very clever! I used your castle in my class and on my blog, linking back to you. Thanks for the great project! The students loved it!

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